Thursday, July 21, 2016

Republican Convention Day Three Wrap up

Day Three brought with it some fireworks, and America got to watch. In the afternoon we finally saw some shoving and pushing from outside protesters. It seems a communist group wanted to protest in a certain spot and supporters of Trump wanted to protest in the same spot. So like children they begin to shove and push each other. The cops were on the scene quickly and a couple of protesters were arrested. Yet it was in the auditorium last night when we saw the actual fireworks.

Most of the speakers were lame or lost. Pam Bondi and Rick Scott of Florida were on stage and to put it mildly it was a disgrace. They did nothing for the Republican cause. Senator Ted Cruz took the stage and for the first part of his speech he had the crowd eating out of his hands. It was when the delegates started to get the clue that Cruz was not going to endorse Trump for President that it began to get vocal. The boos began and by the end of his speech he was almost booed off the stage.
For the finale of the evening we were able to listen to Trump's running mate Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, to finally have a proper say in this election. In his coming out party last week it was Trump who took center stage, but last night Pence did nothing to further his cause. He did accept the nomination for Vice President. We did get to know that he is a Christian and that he is a republican but we really didn't get to hear much else. We did hear the usual Clinton and Obama bashing. We did get to hear how America could be great again. We did hear about that wall everyone wants to build but we didn't hear how the Trump/Pence team is going to fix anything.
Tonight is the big finale of the week and Donald Trump must hit a home run. He must bring the party together on the same page. He must begin to tell America his plan to get us back on track. Simply put he must bring the crowd to their feet so that they can go back to their individual states repeating the dream to all of us who weren't in Cleveland. We shall see tonight.