Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Florida's Amendment 2

Amendment 2 is the legal name for medical marijuana. It was on the 2014 ballot but was defeated by 2 %. So far in 2016 it looks like the polls have put it at passing with 76% and as high as 82% of voters are in favor of passage. Now for those of you who have been hiding and have no clue what medical marijuana is all about. Well, I'm here to inform you.

Medical Marijuana has been used to help those with cancer and must go through chemotherapy. It helps those patients to eat better than when they use pharmaceutical pills that usually make them even sicker. It has recently been used in fighting cancer and has cured some folks. Marijuana is used for glaucoma patients as well as helping some people fight off PTSD.

What is truly a problem about all this is that the federal government and the pharmaceutical companies have known about the positive effects of medical marijuana for decades. The federal government went as far as to take out a patent on it. That's right, patent number 6630507 is medical marijuana. Why has this been kept so quiet to the general public? The DEA took it to court to quiet anybody from being interested in doing research on the plant. They were afraid that if the news got out that marijuana was actually good for something other than getting a buzz that they would lose funding and become extinct in the fight against drugs.

Well the secret is out and several states have already gone and legalized it for medical as well as recreational. Some states like Colorado have found out that not only is it a big cash crop but the taxes made off the sale of marijuana allows the state to work on some of the other challenges it faces. In other words the federal government is interested in the legalization of marijuana.

This November 8th the citizens of Florida will go vote for a new President and will also vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. Dispensaries are already coming to a city near you to help distribute the Charlotte's Web version of medical marijuana. Thus getting ready for the passage of Amendment 2 and the legalization of medical marijuana for the citizens of Florida. To find out more information please check out United For Care.