Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democratic Convention Day One Wrap Up

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is host for the Democratic Convention and so far so good. Bernie Sanders supporters were protesting the news that was leaked this past weekend. It seems e-mails will be topic of discussion for some time to come. It cost the party chairman her position. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was speaking to the Florida delegation and she was being booed because of the information on those e-mails. It seems that the party never gave Sanders a chance and did its best to hurt him in the primary season. Sanders surprised everyone and gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

The gavel was heard and the convention was on. The speakers for the evening were First Lady Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Mrs. Obama spoke openly of her time in the White House and the crowd loved it. Elizabeth Warren went after Donald Trump and it looks like it worked. You see, Trump attacked her during the day and spoke viciously about her time in the Senate.

The speech of the evening was definitely Bernie Sanders and his call for unity. He knows his followers are upset over these e-mails but the time has come as he spoke to look forward not backward. The time has come to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't get into the White House. He spoke to the delegates and simply said support Hillary Clinton for President. Some of his followers are looking at all this with an open mind and want to vote Democrat, but some may go third party.

What was evident after the days activities was that none seemed to want Trump as President. The next three days will show whether Sanders was able to squash the negativity and bring the party together.

The Democratic Party can win this election, but it is also theirs to lose. If they can't come together and pull their resources together they will certainly lose to Donald Trump on November 8th. The next three days will certainly be worth watching and if you are a political junkie as I am this is certainly your Super Bowl. God Bless America.