Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Charlotte's Web Marijuana

It is named after a young girl by the name of Charlotte Figi. Figi was born with epilepsy and at the young age of five would suffer up to 300 seizures a week. Her parents and doctors were besides themselves as to how to help this young girl. The doctors had heard of using marijuana to help alleviate the seizures but it really hadn't been tried before and it was uncharted territory.

They were able to break down the plant and eliminate the THC part of the plant and use the CBD side or cannabidiol. They would make it into an oil base like syrup and administer it to young Charlotte. The results were immediate. Seizures fell dramatically and now Charlotte lives an almost regular type childhood. Her seizures are now down to some four a month which is almost a miracle. What is so amazing about this story is that now in half the states of this country Charlotte's Web is legal in most states. It still has the stigma of being on the national list of do's and don't' as it is marijuana, but time will tell when or if this will change.

In 2014 the Florida Legislature adopted a law for the use and implementation of Charlotte's Web but as of today it is not available to the public. It had been debated in the court and won and it was supposed to be available June 2016 but is still not available. This is unacceptable as their are children like Charlotte who could benefit from this oil but have to endure the pain and humiliation of the seizures. Speaking from experience as a teacher and having to witness an epileptic seizure first hand in a young boy of nine, it is a scary event. Thanks to the help from a teacher next door we were able to work through the seizure but I could see that some of the other children didn't understand what was happening. Florida, this medicine needs to be on the market today. There are children who can benefit from it now. To find out more information please check out United For Care.