Friday, July 22, 2016

Republican Convention Day Four Wrap Up

Tonight was the night when Donald Trump accepted the nomination to be the next President of the United States. In his speech, he would speak of fear and just how bad life is under the Obama administration. Trump would talk of the big illegal immigration problem mostly from the Mexican border. He would talk of how immigrants were coming across the border and killing innocent women and children.

Trump would go on to speak of the crisis all across the Middle East. He would talk of how there was no problems when Obama took office and how now there is utter chaos. he would mention the Iran nuclear agreement and how we didn't really get anything out of the deal.

Trump would speak of Hillary Clinton and how she did such a poor job as Secretary of State. He would blame her for much of what is going on in the Middle East even though she has not been Secretary of State for some four years.

Trump would talk of bringing Justice back into American lives. He would speak of how great the police are and how especially in Cleveland the cops did such a fine job over the last four days.
Trump would talk of just how much corruption there is in politics and especially in the Clinton household. He would speak of the e-mail controversy and how guilty she is of for erasing her e-mails to cover up her crimes.

Trump would speak of all the ills in the world and how he could fix everything, but what he didn't do is explain how he wound fix it all. He talked of how he and his running mate Mike Pence the Governor of Indiana will bring jobs back to America.

Did Trump bring the Republican Party into the fold? Did he unify them behind his Law and Order candidate approach? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, all he was able to show us was that this is going to be one of the nastiest campaigns ever to be held in the United States. Hitler brought fear into the picture and look what his time in Germany brought us, WWII.

I have to ask, as a Republican, is this the best we can come up with? I am ashamed that the party I have been tied to for some 25 years is destroying this country. From the Republican Congress that has been in power these past eight years and the fact that they have passed the fewest bills in the History of the United States, to the fact that all we can come up with for a presidential nominee is Donald Trump, we are in sad shape.
Overall this has been one of the worst Republican conventions in recent history. Good luck to us all.