Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Republican Convention Day Two Wrap up

The evening started off with the call of States and the nomination process. So for the next 2 1/2 hours the TV audience was given the honor of hearing from every State of the Union and how the delegates voted. There really was no hidden agenda here and everyone knew the outcome would be Donald Trump receiving the nomination of the party to represent them for the Presidency of the United States. The speakers of the night were supposed to be talking of getting America back to work. Unfortunately that didn't happen and the TV audience was shown the beginnings of what is coming in the months ahead. The attack of Hillary Clinton has officially begun.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went for the jugular and became the prosecutor of the evening. You could hear the delegates chanting "Lock Her Up". So it begins, and by the end of this election season the citizens of the United States will have seen one of the most ruthless Presidential runs ever.

Trumps children Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany took center stage and attempted to paint a caring and understanding father. Tiffany spoke on a more personal level, talking about how her father was always there for her especially during a dark time in her life when a friend had passed away and she took it badly. Trump Jr. talked more of the business side of his father. He spoke of how his father hires his employees and that he took it more from a street perspective rather than an elitist point of view. Junior did speak of the need to bring America back to work but he did so by attacking the Democrats and their lack of being able to do so.

Overall it was an evening that would show this convention was finally coming together and solidifying its backing of Trump for President. What it didn't do was give America a blueprint of how the Republicans are going to bring us back to work. What it did do was show just how nasty this campaign season is going to be. What it did do was show America how Chris Christie may be looking for a job as Attorney General in a Trump cabinet. What it did do was show America a lighter side of Donald Trump through the eyes of his children.

Day Three is coming tomorrow and the highlight will be the speech coming from Trump running mate Mike Pence. The Indiana Governor is going to have to give possibly the greatest speech of his life. Day three may be big enough to overshadow Trumps acceptance speech coming on Thursday but we shall see.