Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democratic Convention Day Three Wrap Up

This is not reality TV. This is reality. Michael Bloomberg spoke last night. Bloomberg the former mayor of New York City spoke pretty straight forward about whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the delegates and didn't mince his words. He is behind Clinton and even though these two have not always seen eye to eye he believes Clinton is the right vote.

The speaker that caught the attention of all inside the auditorium was President Barack Obama. Obama fired his speech directly to Trump and called him a playground bully. He spoke of his business acumen and that he has gone bankrupt many times. He praised Hillary Clinton for even getting into the ring and running for President. Obama spoke kindly of Clinton and you could see just how moved Bill Clinton was by his words. Obama spoke of how America is already strong and it is not up to one person to rebuild America. At the end of his speech Hillary Clinton came onstage and hugged the President and the crowd went wild.

The Democrats are uniting and are becoming stronger and stronger each and every day. Trump had retaliated earlier in the day and spoke of the speeches of the night before. He even went as far as to ask President Putin of Russia to step in and find those deleted emails. He actually asked a foreign country to spy on America.

The speakers of day three pointed out that Donald Trump is simply a man unhinged and should not be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate. It is up to Hillary Clinton to nail the coffin shut on the idea of a Trump presidency. If the democrats can ride the tide they have started here this week in Philadelphia then they will certainly win the White House.