Monday, July 18, 2016


Cannabis is called many things but one name that is used the most is Marijuana. It has been illegal for decades. The governments of the world have spent trillions trying to fight it's usage. What's even more ironic is that these same governments know that marijuana can be used for many different things.
For instance, the United States has held a patent for medical marijuana for the past four decades. It can help children who suffer from seizures actually cutting the number down from 200 a week to one. Now, that is amazing, and what really matters is that not all the children who need it can get it. You see it's not legal in all the states.

Medical Marijuana can help with cancer patients who must endure chemotherapy. It can help those who have glaucoma. Medical marijuana can now be used to help those who are affected with Alzheimer's. The plant is now being tested to help veterans with PTSD. It is unthinkable that a simple weed or plant does more than the pills that pharmaceutical companies are trying to pass off as trusted remedies, yet they deny us.
Marijuana has been used for thousands of years for many other things such as paper, building materials, and can be used as fuel. It can be grown anywhere and its uses can include clothing and other textiles.
So why then if we have found so many uses for marijuana is it still illegal? In some states they have finally come to terms with the true facts. It is a cash crop that for states like Colorado who have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana it can be a windfall of taxes that eventually helps the state.
It is time for the citizens of this great country to finally see the former evil weed for what it is, and that is a plus for medicine and industry. Legalize it now. To find out more information please check out United For Care.