Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Alimony Laws in Florida may be changing

     Governor Scott is deciding whether he will sign into law sweeping changes in alimony for Florida.  Now in Florida spousal support can last until the other person gets married and if they don't get married that can mean many years for some unlucky spouse. The new law would take into consideration the length of the marriage and divide alimony by half. So if you were married ten years, you would pay five years of alimony.  For many men this would help as they are usually the ones who get stuck paying this free ride to someone they want to get away from. Woman have abused this law for way too long. Yes some women have to pay alimony, but the majority are men. this would mean that women would have to go out and make a living. Child Support would not be effected by these changes. It's about time.