Thursday, April 4, 2013


   You know sometimes it amazes me how people can get so upset when someone dies. Every single day in our life thousands of people are dying all around us. No we don't know these people but we don't feel affected by it. If a Personality dies we get a little upset. If a friend dies we shed a tear and are usually back to normal within a couple of days. If a close relative dies we go hysterical and for many of us it affects us for the rest of our lives. I came to grips with Death some ten years ago. I learned to treat Death as a friend . That way when I die I won't be so afraid. Death is going to come for all of us. This we cannot change. So Death my old Friend, I no longer fear you. I embrace you as a close friend. I don't wish to see you for a long time, My Friend. When the time comes maybe we can sit down and remember all the good times of this life over a good Guinness. Then I will walk hand in hand to a land I have never seen but long for each and every day. In time My old Friend.