Saturday, April 13, 2013


   Do the voted Individuals of these United States really have the American Citizen's best interests at heart. Honestly I believe they don't. Oh maybe when they are first voted into office,but every Politician changes his spots soon after. The lure of money, prestige, or simply it's that feeling of playing God that goes to their head.
    It has been shown that every great society since the beginning of time has fallen from within, and the United States will follow in their path. This budget battle going on between The President and the Congress is nothing more than two parties trying to one up each other. In the middle are the citizens of this great country. I wish I could say that this problem will go away but it won't. Until we the people can gather ourselves to say enough is enough. It is the American Citizen who must take control of the situation and force our elected officials to fix the problem