Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tune In. Turn On. Drop out.

     We have all reached our breaking point. We drive on the roads and there are people who are driving around with guns and shooting people because they were cut off. People get stressed over the stupidest things these days. So what if you are a couple of minutes late to an appointment. Is that worth almost killing someone. So what if dinner is a couple of minutes late. Who cares if you miss five minutes of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek will still be there. He's 80 something and he is never going to die.
     When did we all lose our common sense. I know some of us never had any, but still. Whatever makes you run around with your head cut off its not worth the hassle. Look I'm not saying that we follow Dr. Leary and start dropping acid but we do have to learn to let things go.
     It's all good guys. have some faith in yourself and know that it is all going to be good. Hell we made it to 50. Let the kids handle all the crazy shit. Isn't that why you raised them. To be good people. To one day be Men and Woman who will be responsible citizens. It's time to let them run the place. It's time for us wiser individuals to go fishing. Catch the big Kahuna.