Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Movie review: Dragon wu xia.

     A persons past is never forgotten. This film proves this to be true.The beginning is a little slow, and hard to understand as many Chinese proverbs are used.  A shy craftsman saves the life of a shopkeeper who couldn't pay his dues to the local gang member. The detective investigating this crime is puzzled as to how this mild mannered villager was able to kill the two local gang members.
     Liu jin-xi has his past tied to the 72 Dragons, a gang with a notorious past. Liu has tried to hide for ten years but must face his past. Thus leading to a climax of exciting martial arts and Chinese philosophy.
     The scenery is beautiful. The directing is extraordinary. The movie is a must see. The only problem is the sub titles are hard to read at times. Once you understand the direction the movie is going it turns into a very enjoyable experience.