Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Review: She Cat

     This 1983 action packed sensually titillating Japanese erotic film is a load of crap. It is nothing more than a copycat of many American smut films. You can't follow the sub-titles as they move to fast. The lighting technician can't even handle the equipment properly as you see the lights move when they should be stationary. The scenes you are watching don't even make sense in the order they are in.
     The plot of an attractive Doctor who runs an abortion clinic and has a secret torrid past with the gangsters trying a failed assassination attempt which brings back the memories and stirs Cat to take things into her hands is about as long and annoying as this run-on sentence.
     The sex acts come about every fifth scene so you don't lose any hard-on your supposed to have. If you're wanting to watch this movie for action or sex then simply go get your playboy and whack off. It will take less time and at least you will get your rocks off.