Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teachers do make a difference.

     Rapper Chris Perez aka "Pitbull" credits his teacher for getting him to where he is today. In school he was a terror. Always fighting, arguing, and just an overall troublemaker. When he was in high school in South Florida this young man got a hand from this caring educator. Hope Martinez saw a young man who had some talent. She got him an audition to a rap contest and he won. From there he saw the light and proceeded to start a rappers career in show business. Pitbull came back to South Florida and has been talking to high school students, letting them know that teachers are there for them. On one of his recent visits Ms. Martinez came into the classroom right as he was telling the children about her. Pitbull broke down crying, he was so moved by the sight of his former teacher.
     Look folks, not all teachers are bad. There are some who honestly care about their students and want them to do well. So when you run into a teacher let them know that they do matter.