Tuesday, April 16, 2013


     There are times of distress such as yesterdays bombings when we see a spike in suicides. I hope this does not become the case as this will add to the bombers body count. I have endured several of my friends committing suicide. Each time it takes a little of me with it. My first encounter with suicide was when I was twelve and my neighbor across the street hung himself from a tree. We were on our way to go play baseball when myself and two friends found him. Pat had been busted at school for having marijuana in his locker. He was not able to tell his Mother and felt so much shame that he killed himself. He was my first suicide. I have known many others but my last was my best friend Jerry. Jerry was going through a very nasty divorce. He had been in trouble with the law concerning drugs. Both events were coming to a head and Jerry wasn't able to face the truth of his situation he saw no hope and he killed himself. The worst part of this suicide was he had given me a warning of things to come. I didn't see the clues and I lost a dear friend.
     I hope if you have a family or friend who is depressed or lost in their life that you listen to them. Don't let this person take their life not only does it kill them but it kills a bit of us also.