Friday, April 26, 2013

I Am Thankful

      There are times when a person has to step back and smell the roses and be thankful for all he has in life. I have a job that when it's on it's the best a person can ask for. Being a Teacher can open one's eyes and allows you to see reality for what it is. How you can help a child to see the world.
       When you look around the community you live in and see the surrounding beauty, that can make a person thankful. The trees that line the sides of roads. The beach you go to swim every summer. These are some the things to be thankful for.
       The friends a person has can be something to be thankful.for. How over the years they have come to your defense and are always there for you in the darkness and the light of your life. I have 2 friends I wish to bring into this discussion. Angela and Bill Gibron are the friends who have opened up this world of writing for me. This blog has become my stepping stone, so to speak. I write small tidbits of a book I call "Living with Cancer". Without the pushing from these two friends so much would go by the wayside.
       My family who without their patience and understanding would have written me off years ago. My family who watched me rise from the ashes of a wasted life. Sometimes you have to look around and appreciate whats there and you have to tell the people involved THANK YOU.