Saturday, April 6, 2013


The cool sand beneath my feet. The cold water at my toes.The breath of fresh air the thin wind cooling my face. The water so open and wide inviting me in. The seaguls waiting on the shore for the sunbathers and swimmers to feed them, care for them, to love them. Young and old walking up and down the beach. The water at their reach but it's still to cold to go for a swim.

This is the beach. This is what draws you. The longing that we adore and the grace of its waves pounding at its shore. When God made the Heaven he thought of the beach.The suns warmth enveloping with its embrace. But it's still spring and the water too cold to take that swim. The people walking up and down. It's still the beach and it's still home - Heaven on earth.

The days come and the days go. The sands shift with the time.The water laps. The boats within sight. The fish in their deep. But it's still the beach. Heaven on earth.