Sunday, April 21, 2013

Movie Review: James Bond

     From time to time I will cover a movie or a series of movies and just talk about them. Today's will be on the James Bond Movies. Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond after he was finished with his duties in WW2. He was involved in espionage in the war and it was easy for him to relate to the character of Bond.
     When the book was turned into film the first to play James was a young actor named Sean Connery. Sean brought to the character a suave, sophisticated presence.  He would star in all the movies that were created in the 60's, except one. He would relinquish the role to an actor by the name of George Lazenby. George would be Bond for one Movie.
    Sean would come back for a couple more roles as James in the early 70's, but Roger Moore would take over the role for the rest of the decade and into the 80's. Moore, had during the 60's, played a spy/thief in the British television series "The Saint".  He would transfer over to Bond with ease. Moore would leave to have Timothy Dalton take over the role in the early 90's. Pierce Brosnan would take the role into the 2000's .
      Now we have a gentleman by the name of Daniel Craig playing the role of Bond. He brings with it again a Suave and sophisticated approach to the role.
    While Roger Moore was a good James Bond, Daniel Craig is handling the role even better, but in most everyones mind Sean Connery is James Bond.
     These movies, over the years, have always had the technical devices that would go with the caliber of spy that James portrays on the screen.
     One thing we cannot forget are the women who played roles over the years in the movies.From Jane Seymour , Honor Blackman,Tanya Roberts, Halle Berry, Claudine Auger, Barbara Bach, Barbara Carrera, Diana Rigg, Jill St. John, Kim Basinger, to the Sex Kitten of the 60's Ursula Andress just to name a few.
     The Bond Movies have all made some kind of money over the years, some more than others. This was the reason Lazenby  didn't last long. His movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service did not fare well at the Theaters.
     For almost 50 years we have been watching James Bond on the screen with his women and machines and good looks. I for one hope it goes for another 50.