Monday, April 1, 2013


   College is getting harder and harder to get into these days. They have raised the standards for getting in, as well as, costs an arm and a leg. I personally was a late bloomer. I was 30 years old when I first went to Hillsborough Community College. I was 33 when I went to Florida State University. HCC was somewhat easy to breeze through. Now at Florida State, I actually had to work to get my grades. Reading was my biggest chore as my 3 majors were History, Political Science, and International Affairs. My second chore would have to be all the Papers I had to write. Thirdly, I suppose were the tests. I really didn't have a social life when I was at FSU. I would do Happy Hours, but I wasn't the person who would go out all night partying. Saturdays were for Football, as FSU was a power house at the time. I loved FSU with its ivy covered walls. I used to love to walk across the quad when it was below freezing, all bundled up with smoke coming out of our noses and mouths. I finished up with 2 BA's from FSU and an AA from HCC. I'm glad I went to college later in life because if I had gone at 18 I wouldn't have graduated. Knowledge is Power and College is the way to get Knowledge.