Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prayer for 4/21/2013

     Lord it was one bad week down here. Today being Sunday, and normally a day of rest, I ask of you Father that we need to have that day of rest. We need to put all that happened behind us. The tragedy in Boston was terrible, but we caught the culprits. One is dead and one is seriously wounded. Lord we need to put West, Texas behind us, that tragedy took many. Father we need to move on with our lives. We need to care for our wounded and get them back on their feet. We need to pray for those families who lost someone last week. Lord we need to clear our heads today and pray to you for forgiveness of our sins. We need to read the morning papers and have a good cafe con leche. We need to have a great breakfast and go to church. We need to wake up tomorrow and give our best to the job we do. We need to tell our loved ones they do matter. Lord we need to put all this in your hands and move on. This in your name, Amen.