Friday, April 19, 2013

Does the American Government care about its people?

     In the last four years what exactly has the government done for us. President Obama came aboard and brought his socialized medicine. Funny thing is everyone really doesn't think it will work. The only reason Great Britain has any kind of medical program is because it taxes its citizens out of their wages. When the American people realize what Obama care is all about they will reject it. The American people really don't have a clue. They will soon because it's coming.
     Another reason I bring this subject up is because of Congress not being able to bring a Budget together. Once again the American people are simply living on borrowed time. All those civil servants are wondering what happens when the next deadline comes near.
     Our Congress cannot even come together to pass a mandatory background check for all gun purchases across these United States. Congress gets pressured by the NRA and the gun lobby, and fall to their knees and say yes MASTER. When will the next mass shooting take place from some crazy. A crazy who went to a gun show and bought a gun through a loophole. Maybe a crazy needs  to attack a school where some congressman's child attends, then maybe we will get something done.
     This government that we elected does very little for the American people, but it was going to give itself a raise until we found out about it. Then they realized that it would be a bad time to do so. Thank God we found out.
     All I can say is every politician needs to worry about their jobs come next election.