Friday, April 26, 2013

Message to the World.

     I am just a simple American citizen. I'm reaching out to those of you who have been reading this blog of mine. I know of people in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Congo and other places, who have been reading my stories. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
     I want you to understand something. The regular citizens of the United States want only the same things you do. All we want is to go to our jobs five days a week. To maybe go out to dinner once a week with that certain someone. We like to travel and see other countries such as the ones I mentioned. We want to raise our children to believe in a God and to learn how to be productive citizens in whatever field they choose when they grow up. We just want to live in peace and get along with our neighbors. We are not here to blow up the world. We could be very bad people but that is not what the average American wants.  I can't speak for the politicians we elect to run this country, personally I think some of them are ate up with a dumb ass.
     Look we are the same you and I. We are just ordinary people who just want to live ordinary lives. So look hears the deal we don't want to kick your ass and I don't think you want to kick ours. So what ya say we get together and have a beer. We can talk football or anything you want. Let's stop the bombing and killing and just learn to live together. This planet is all we have right now. Let's learn to seek out friendships and live in peace.