Monday, April 29, 2013

Movie Review: A Monster in Paris.

    A charming, heart warming adventure of an inventor, a camera buff, and their madcap monkey. The story is about the three who accidentally concoct a potion that turns a flea into a monster. A fiend who sings and dances his way onstage with a beautiful cabaret singer Lucille. A mutant who scares Paris into believing that the flea is a monster. This power driven ogre is the police commissioner who wants to become mayor and will do anything to get there.  For you see the monster in this story is man, but I digress for I do not wish to give too much away.
     The director is Bibo Bergeron, the director of  "Shark Tale". This is an excellent, easy going tail of growth within the characters.
     This is the kind of movie that will draw the family together, and all can enjoy the adventures, the laughs, and the warmth brought to the screen. The feelings a person will take away from this film are ones of pure joy and happiness. This is a Family Must See Movie.