Monday, April 29, 2013

Chemical weapons used on Syrian populace.

    Assad has finally lost his mind. The idea of using chemical weapons on his own people seems to be the final straw. Congress is asking President Obama to step in and back up his own words. This request is coming from members of both parties republican and democrat.
    Here is where it gets touchy with our relations with Russia and other countries. Do we send armed troops? Should we launch military air strikes? We need to remember Assad has stockpiles of chemical weapons.
    Now this does draw some questions from the American public. Our government can't get a balanced budget together, but all of sudden we have money to blow on Syria. Just as the Iraqi War showed, once we get into the inner conflict of these countries, such as Syria, we will not get out for another ten years. We can't afford this at all!
     Maybe forming a joint effort within the United Nations or Russia, then maybe we could afford to get involved but only for the short term. One nuclear warhead on Assad would do it.