Monday, April 15, 2013


     I never used to believe in Karma. The idea that what goes around comes around. In my twenties I simply would hurt you if you crossed me. Some actually had to be rushed to the hospital for the beatings I would give to people. I was a very angry person back then. As I got older, went to college and learned of the beliefs of the eastern religions, I learned of Karma and it sounded better than going out and hurting my hands. Karma can happen instantly or can take up to many years to come to a complete circle. As a person gets older they learn to have more patience and can wait for someone to get their just deserts. In the last couple of decades I have seen the results of Karma, and sometimes it's better than what I can do with my hands. I have seen people brought to their knees begging for forgiveness. Their humiliation is beautiful. Now I have also been on the receiving end of Karma. So it is the belief of what goes around comes around. So I would suggest treat people as you wish to be treated and you will not have to worry about Karma.