Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Movie review: Dragon wu xia.

     A persons past is never forgotten. This film proves this to be true.The beginning is a little slow, and hard to understand as many Chinese proverbs are used.  A shy craftsman saves the life of a shopkeeper who couldn't pay his dues to the local gang member. The detective investigating this crime is puzzled as to how this mild mannered villager was able to kill the two local gang members.
     Liu jin-xi has his past tied to the 72 Dragons, a gang with a notorious past. Liu has tried to hide for ten years but must face his past. Thus leading to a climax of exciting martial arts and Chinese philosophy.
     The scenery is beautiful. The directing is extraordinary. The movie is a must see. The only problem is the sub titles are hard to read at times. Once you understand the direction the movie is going it turns into a very enjoyable experience.

Prayer for 4/30/2013

     Lord watch over us this day. Comfort us,care for us, never leave our side. Help us in all that we do. Pray for all who are in need of your  help Lord. Father each day we put our lives in your hands. amen

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tim Tebow Unemployed

     The New York Jets and Tim Tebow have parted ways. Tebow never really was given a chance to show the Jets his Quarterback skills. His actual playing time last season was null and void. When the Jets starting Quarterback went down last year the Jets went to the third string to replace him.
      Tebow had a stellar college career. Heisman Trophy and National Championships were his prizes. His first year in the NFL with the Broncos showed great promise. Unfortunately it was for only one season and he was off to the Jets.
     One wonders if the flame is out already for this former college great. Where he goes from here  no one knows.  

Chemical weapons used on Syrian populace.

    Assad has finally lost his mind. The idea of using chemical weapons on his own people seems to be the final straw. Congress is asking President Obama to step in and back up his own words. This request is coming from members of both parties republican and democrat.
    Here is where it gets touchy with our relations with Russia and other countries. Do we send armed troops? Should we launch military air strikes? We need to remember Assad has stockpiles of chemical weapons.
    Now this does draw some questions from the American public. Our government can't get a balanced budget together, but all of sudden we have money to blow on Syria. Just as the Iraqi War showed, once we get into the inner conflict of these countries, such as Syria, we will not get out for another ten years. We can't afford this at all!
     Maybe forming a joint effort within the United Nations or Russia, then maybe we could afford to get involved but only for the short term. One nuclear warhead on Assad would do it. 

Movie Review: A Monster in Paris.

    A charming, heart warming adventure of an inventor, a camera buff, and their madcap monkey. The story is about the three who accidentally concoct a potion that turns a flea into a monster. A fiend who sings and dances his way onstage with a beautiful cabaret singer Lucille. A mutant who scares Paris into believing that the flea is a monster. This power driven ogre is the police commissioner who wants to become mayor and will do anything to get there.  For you see the monster in this story is man, but I digress for I do not wish to give too much away.
     The director is Bibo Bergeron, the director of  "Shark Tale". This is an excellent, easy going tail of growth within the characters.
     This is the kind of movie that will draw the family together, and all can enjoy the adventures, the laughs, and the warmth brought to the screen. The feelings a person will take away from this film are ones of pure joy and happiness. This is a Family Must See Movie.

Prayer for 4/29/2013

     Lord you are our savior. You watch over us, protect us and care for us. Father help us in the week ahead. Help us to be kind to our friends, neighbors, and family. Help us not to say a harsh word. Lord help us to live peaceful lives this week. Pray for all who read this prayer all over the world. amen

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Review: She Cat

     This 1983 action packed sensually titillating Japanese erotic film is a load of crap. It is nothing more than a copycat of many American smut films. You can't follow the sub-titles as they move to fast. The lighting technician can't even handle the equipment properly as you see the lights move when they should be stationary. The scenes you are watching don't even make sense in the order they are in.
     The plot of an attractive Doctor who runs an abortion clinic and has a secret torrid past with the gangsters trying a failed assassination attempt which brings back the memories and stirs Cat to take things into her hands is about as long and annoying as this run-on sentence.
     The sex acts come about every fifth scene so you don't lose any hard-on your supposed to have. If you're wanting to watch this movie for action or sex then simply go get your playboy and whack off. It will take less time and at least you will get your rocks off.

Prayer for 4/28/2013

     Father in Heaven, thank you for this beautiful day. You come into our hearts and answer our prayers. You have never left our side and always walk with us. Lord you are our Savior. You give us food to eat and water to drink. You give us  a roof over our heads. Lord I pray for all of us in the week ahead. I pray no harm comes to us. I pray we all get along. I pray that all this will come true. Amen

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prayer for 4/27/2013

     The lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Father you have given me so many gifts. I thank you each and every day. Lord pray for all my friends, neighbors and family. Lord pray for all who read this simple prayer. May their lives be touched by your grace. Lord let's have a great weekend. Amen

Friday, April 26, 2013

I Am Thankful

      There are times when a person has to step back and smell the roses and be thankful for all he has in life. I have a job that when it's on it's the best a person can ask for. Being a Teacher can open one's eyes and allows you to see reality for what it is. How you can help a child to see the world.
       When you look around the community you live in and see the surrounding beauty, that can make a person thankful. The trees that line the sides of roads. The beach you go to swim every summer. These are some the things to be thankful for.
       The friends a person has can be something to be thankful.for. How over the years they have come to your defense and are always there for you in the darkness and the light of your life. I have 2 friends I wish to bring into this discussion. Angela and Bill Gibron are the friends who have opened up this world of writing for me. This blog has become my stepping stone, so to speak. I write small tidbits of a book I call "Living with Cancer". Without the pushing from these two friends so much would go by the wayside.
       My family who without their patience and understanding would have written me off years ago. My family who watched me rise from the ashes of a wasted life. Sometimes you have to look around and appreciate whats there and you have to tell the people involved THANK YOU.  

Message to the World.

     I am just a simple American citizen. I'm reaching out to those of you who have been reading this blog of mine. I know of people in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Congo and other places, who have been reading my stories. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
     I want you to understand something. The regular citizens of the United States want only the same things you do. All we want is to go to our jobs five days a week. To maybe go out to dinner once a week with that certain someone. We like to travel and see other countries such as the ones I mentioned. We want to raise our children to believe in a God and to learn how to be productive citizens in whatever field they choose when they grow up. We just want to live in peace and get along with our neighbors. We are not here to blow up the world. We could be very bad people but that is not what the average American wants.  I can't speak for the politicians we elect to run this country, personally I think some of them are ate up with a dumb ass.
     Look we are the same you and I. We are just ordinary people who just want to live ordinary lives. So look hears the deal we don't want to kick your ass and I don't think you want to kick ours. So what ya say we get together and have a beer. We can talk football or anything you want. Let's stop the bombing and killing and just learn to live together. This planet is all we have right now. Let's learn to seek out friendships and live in peace.

Prayer for 4/26/2013

     Lord we made it to Friday. We have a beautiful weekend coming up. The gulf water is rising in temperature. Swimming at the beach is on the horizon. Thank you Father for walking with me this week. Once again you have comforted, cared, and seen that I have not wanted. I have tried to be a better friend, neighbor, and relative. Lord continue to be there for me. Never let me worry about things I cannot control, but help me to always be there for who need my help. Amen.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lobster Delight

     I was five years old when I had my first taste of lobster. My family and I had headed north to Canada to go to Expo 67 in Montreal. We had taken a detour to Prince Edward Island. One evening my parents and I went down to a pier and ate lobster right from this big pot. We had whole potatoes and lobster and I thought I had gone to heaven.
     My Father had to crack it open for me but I never let him down I cleaned that sucker out. My parents had a bottle of white wine and I had a coke to drink. I surprised my parents that night I ate three whole lobsters and could have gone for a fourth but my parents said no.
     I remember the price for each lobster was around two dollars. My Father had four lobsters that night and mom had two.
     We watched the sunset on the water. It would have  been a better night for my parents to get mushy but I didn't care, I had lobster. I wasn't going anywhere.  

Revenge Porn

        From the video and camera options of cell phones comes "Revenge Porn". Kids thinking it is so funny to post videos or pictures of a pornographic nature after they have broken up with the other person. In some cases this has led to suicide of the victims. With new technology comes new responsibility. If you think that the person you are with isn't the one for the long haul then don't risk it. It can lead to some very embarrassing times that you might not want to explain.

Anti-Bong Law

     The State of Florida has nothing better to do than go after your Bongs. You know those glass and plastic devices we used when we were young and smoking "tobacco" in them. It doesn't matter that we have high unemployment and people not able to pay their bills because no new jobs are coming to the State of Florida. Lets go after the Bongs. It's all the Bongs fault. This is why our economy is in the shape it's in.  Well I guess if the bill passes there will be a run on papers and pipes. All those trees will go up in smoke. Well, that will piss off the Forestry Service, I guess.

Prayer for 4/25/2013

     Lord you are my guide as we go each and every day. You lead me down the roads of life. I trust you each and every day. You have brought many a smile each day. I thank you for caring for me. Lord I can only put my life into your hands and I look forward to the path we travel this day. Amen

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Alimony Laws in Florida may be changing

     Governor Scott is deciding whether he will sign into law sweeping changes in alimony for Florida.  Now in Florida spousal support can last until the other person gets married and if they don't get married that can mean many years for some unlucky spouse. The new law would take into consideration the length of the marriage and divide alimony by half. So if you were married ten years, you would pay five years of alimony.  For many men this would help as they are usually the ones who get stuck paying this free ride to someone they want to get away from. Woman have abused this law for way too long. Yes some women have to pay alimony, but the majority are men. this would mean that women would have to go out and make a living. Child Support would not be effected by these changes. It's about time.

Gator Students being attacked

    In Gainesville Florida, three women have been attacked at night in their apartment complex.  One woman was attacked in her apartment, and two others in the parking lot. No suspects as of yet. Ladies, you know the rules don't go out alone, and go in pairs. Keep your cell phones with you at all times, and if you don't have mace then go buy some. This guy must be caught. Ladies, don't take this lightly.

Living With Cancer VI

Living With Cancer VI - Please click on this link and learn more about me.

Teachers do make a difference.

     Rapper Chris Perez aka "Pitbull" credits his teacher for getting him to where he is today. In school he was a terror. Always fighting, arguing, and just an overall troublemaker. When he was in high school in South Florida this young man got a hand from this caring educator. Hope Martinez saw a young man who had some talent. She got him an audition to a rap contest and he won. From there he saw the light and proceeded to start a rappers career in show business. Pitbull came back to South Florida and has been talking to high school students, letting them know that teachers are there for them. On one of his recent visits Ms. Martinez came into the classroom right as he was telling the children about her. Pitbull broke down crying, he was so moved by the sight of his former teacher.
     Look folks, not all teachers are bad. There are some who honestly care about their students and want them to do well. So when you run into a teacher let them know that they do matter.  

Prayer for 4/24/2013

    Lord thank you for this beautiful morning. The day will be sunny and warm. Our hearts need to be the same. Lord when we see a stranger let us shake their hand. When we talk to a friend or neighbor let us give them our heart. If our family needs us, help us to fulfill their wish. Lord help us with all we do this day. Forgive us all our sins. Let us love one another as we want to be loved. Amen.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Immigration Reform

      Estimated figures put 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. 75% are of Hispanic decent. Problem is Democrats and Republicans are looking at this problem not from a human being standpoint but from a statistical point of view. They are more worried as to how many of these people when given the opportunity will vote for their respective party.
     Let's look at this problem this way. Most of these people if they have jobs are probably working for low wages. Thus once given citizenship will probably file for more food stamps and welfare. Of which both programs are hurting for funds. Where do we come up with the extra money? Our Congress can't balance a budget let alone find extra money.
     These 11 million people  came into this Country illegally and we want to now give them citizenship. What about the people who waited for years and did everything by the book. What do we tell these people, oh well. Problem will never go away until we finally get tough and deport illegals.

Prayer for 4/23/2013

     Lord forgive us for all our sins. Many we do without even thinking and we need your forgiveness. Father there are many a day we walk around and are just rude to our neighbors and friends. Lord we are guilty of simply not thinking of what we are doing. Help us to be better friends and neighbors. Help us to care for our families better than we do. Lord help us all to just get along. When someone cuts us off in traffic help us just to forgive that person. If someone talks bad about us don't let us get angry. Lord help us to live in peace.

Monday, April 22, 2013


     Who cares!!!!!!

Earth Day 2013

     Do what you can. Pick up some trash. Start to recycle your trash at home. It's our planet and we must take take care of it. So do your part today.

Prayer for 4/22/2013

 Lord we begin a new week with new hopes and dreams. Help us be kind to all we come in contact with this week. Lord we need you to better our relationships with family and friends. We are sinners Father and we just don't want to sin this week. Lord we put all into your hands. Amen.

Moment of Silence at 2:50 pm for Boston

   This afternoon at 2:50 there will be a moment of silence for the city of Boston. This will be in Honor of all involved in the bombings last week. Please observe.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nancy Pelosi: The Wicked Witch of the West.

     Can this woman retire, resign, or just become a recluse. This country would be so much better if she would just go away and die. Since she arrived on the main stage she has sent this country into a tail spin from which I hope we can recover. To the day Nancy Pelosi goes back home.

Movie Review: James Bond

     From time to time I will cover a movie or a series of movies and just talk about them. Today's will be on the James Bond Movies. Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond after he was finished with his duties in WW2. He was involved in espionage in the war and it was easy for him to relate to the character of Bond.
     When the book was turned into film the first to play James was a young actor named Sean Connery. Sean brought to the character a suave, sophisticated presence.  He would star in all the movies that were created in the 60's, except one. He would relinquish the role to an actor by the name of George Lazenby. George would be Bond for one Movie.
    Sean would come back for a couple more roles as James in the early 70's, but Roger Moore would take over the role for the rest of the decade and into the 80's. Moore, had during the 60's, played a spy/thief in the British television series "The Saint".  He would transfer over to Bond with ease. Moore would leave to have Timothy Dalton take over the role in the early 90's. Pierce Brosnan would take the role into the 2000's .
      Now we have a gentleman by the name of Daniel Craig playing the role of Bond. He brings with it again a Suave and sophisticated approach to the role.
    While Roger Moore was a good James Bond, Daniel Craig is handling the role even better, but in most everyones mind Sean Connery is James Bond.
     These movies, over the years, have always had the technical devices that would go with the caliber of spy that James portrays on the screen.
     One thing we cannot forget are the women who played roles over the years in the movies.From Jane Seymour , Honor Blackman,Tanya Roberts, Halle Berry, Claudine Auger, Barbara Bach, Barbara Carrera, Diana Rigg, Jill St. John, Kim Basinger, to the Sex Kitten of the 60's Ursula Andress just to name a few.
     The Bond Movies have all made some kind of money over the years, some more than others. This was the reason Lazenby  didn't last long. His movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service did not fare well at the Theaters.
     For almost 50 years we have been watching James Bond on the screen with his women and machines and good looks. I for one hope it goes for another 50.

Prayer for 4/21/2013

     Lord it was one bad week down here. Today being Sunday, and normally a day of rest, I ask of you Father that we need to have that day of rest. We need to put all that happened behind us. The tragedy in Boston was terrible, but we caught the culprits. One is dead and one is seriously wounded. Lord we need to put West, Texas behind us, that tragedy took many. Father we need to move on with our lives. We need to care for our wounded and get them back on their feet. We need to pray for those families who lost someone last week. Lord we need to clear our heads today and pray to you for forgiveness of our sins. We need to read the morning papers and have a good cafe con leche. We need to have a great breakfast and go to church. We need to wake up tomorrow and give our best to the job we do. We need to tell our loved ones they do matter. Lord we need to put all this in your hands and move on. This in your name, Amen.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We cannot live in fear.

     Once again the problems of the world have intruded into our land. The bombings in Boston. The explosion and fire in West, Texas. The murders, rapes, thefts, carjackings, and anything else you can think of, that affected us this week. This is the world we live in. Can we change it? Can we all start to get along? Yes, we can. But it is going to take all of us to do it. We cannot as just one person or one area of the country. It has to come from all of us. Every single American has to be part of this. So, if this can be the beginning, I for one will not live in fear. Can I feel sad about all that happens? The answer is Yes. But I will not change my life because of fear. I will not let these terrorists get to me. I will not let accidents change my way of doing things. I cannot change things out of my control. I can learn to live with things that are in my control, and I won't live in fear.

Boston's Finest

     On Monday Boston took a black eye. It regrouped, and came back in full force. With the help of modern day technology and help from bystanders at the marathon, the police were able to narrow its search and take care of the culprits. One brother killed, another wounded and in serious condition, we can sleep at night again. Boston you could have killed the second suspect but you didn't. That showed great restraint. I'm very impressed. Thank you Boston,s finest. Job well done.

All the Worlds a Stage.

    We are born and raised on the premise that with hard work and fortitude you can carve a little niche and live out a good life. At one time we called it the American Dream. One questions now is it a dream. Children are not graduating from high school like in the past. They are out playing around and having children and expect the Government to pay for it. What are we instilling in our children these days. The American government can barely take care of themselves let alone its people.
     The question remains what kind of character  do we want to play on the stage. We have too many stage hands. We need leading actors. What we have now are some second rate B actors. Who barely know their roles.
    The problem we have here goes back to education of the children. We are failing our children. The Education system needs to be overhauled. We need to teach our children to become the leading actors not the stage hands. Otherwise someone will come along and close the show.   

Prayer for 4/20/2013

     Lord its been a tough week down here. We've had the Boston Marathon bombings; followed by the capture of one suspect and the killing of another. We may find out why this took place we may not. We have found the guy who was sending Ricin to our Government officials. We had the town of West, Texas almost get blown off the map by an explosion at a fertilizer plant. So much went on this week Lord and it was very taxing and nerve racking. Lord can we just have a relaxing weekend and a little time to catch our breaths. amen

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Bombing Suspects Shot Like Animals

    Amen. These two gentlemen came to this country. They lived with us. They worked and went to school with us. They killed and maimed innocents. They deserve nothing less than what they got.
    No matter what anybody says about the United States, we still live pretty good lives, better than most in the World. These two young men had every opportunity to do and live good lives. It's all a waste. Kudos to the law enforcement involved in bringing this to an end.

Does the American Government care about its people?

     In the last four years what exactly has the government done for us. President Obama came aboard and brought his socialized medicine. Funny thing is everyone really doesn't think it will work. The only reason Great Britain has any kind of medical program is because it taxes its citizens out of their wages. When the American people realize what Obama care is all about they will reject it. The American people really don't have a clue. They will soon because it's coming.
     Another reason I bring this subject up is because of Congress not being able to bring a Budget together. Once again the American people are simply living on borrowed time. All those civil servants are wondering what happens when the next deadline comes near.
     Our Congress cannot even come together to pass a mandatory background check for all gun purchases across these United States. Congress gets pressured by the NRA and the gun lobby, and fall to their knees and say yes MASTER. When will the next mass shooting take place from some crazy. A crazy who went to a gun show and bought a gun through a loophole. Maybe a crazy needs  to attack a school where some congressman's child attends, then maybe we will get something done.
     This government that we elected does very little for the American people, but it was going to give itself a raise until we found out about it. Then they realized that it would be a bad time to do so. Thank God we found out.
     All I can say is every politician needs to worry about their jobs come next election. 

Prayer for 4/19/2013

     Lord you are my Shepherd and I shall not want. I put my life into your hands. I ask you to walk with me this day. Care for me and protect me from all sins. This I ask this day. amen

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You know what, I'm a Teacher.

      Since 2000, I have been a substitute teacher for Hillsborough County School District in Tampa, Florida. For the last six months, I have been on a self imposed strike. Back in October the district gave out raises. Subs received a 15 cent raise. I couldn't believe it. I was upset. I quit.
      So for the last six months, I've been trying to figure out what I would like to do with my remaining years. In Tampa, there is not much to choose from as far as jobs go. A friend of mine has hooked me up with doing some writing on the Internet. What's weird though is I actually miss the kids. They are actually cool. I like to stay with the elementary children. Well tomorrow I go back. I start off with a second grade tomorrow. I know the class and it will be easy money. It will be a great day seeing all the kids in the school. I've spent many an hour at this school and I've watched them grow up. It's not the money why I do this. It's not the prestige of being a teacher. Yeah that's right teaching is still a good profession. I guess it really is the children.

Boston You do not stand alone.

      The bombings occurred on your city streets. You are not alone. The Country is right there with you. Our prayers are mixed with yours. The pain is felt all over this land. You will recover and we will find those responsible. Your runners will be back next year for your famous marathon. Remember, the runners come from the World. We were all affected by this cowardly act. Do not feel you carry this burden by yourselves. As New York recovered so shall you. To the wounded, we are here for you. To the 3 who were taken, not only are you in our prayers but you have entered the Kingdom of Heaven. You are being well cared for. Boston don't lose heart,we will find the culprits and we will bring them to justice.

Congress shoots self in foot.

       Gun Bill shot down even before it can go to the floor for a vote. That means once again the National Rifle Association wins. The Gun Lobby is just too strong and holds many Congressmen by the balls and when it squeezes Congressmen jump. The United States just doesn't fully understand that some of these people who are going out shooting innocent people are just nuts and have a history of being nuts. A shame is we can take these guns away from these people with a proper background check for any Gun sold in this Country. Unfortunately, we have states with Gun Show loopholes or individual to individual loopholes that allow people to buy Guns when they shouldn't own a slingshot let along a Gun. Once again Washington just doesn't get it but they will next election. Mark my word some Congressmen will be going home and not coming back. Good Riddance, they don't do anything anyway.

Prayer for 4/18/2013

     Heavenly Father, please help all those in the fertilizer plant tragedy. Console the love ones of the dead. Help all the wounded be healed and the scars minimal. Lord help the Boston community come back to some normalcy. Help the authorities to capture those who planted the bombs. Father pray for all who read this prayer. May your love shine down upon them. Father, pray for those in need and help them to acquire what they are looking for. Lord I put this in your hands. Amen

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tampa Bay, Florida.

     The weather is upper 80's to 90 degrees. The gulf water is 75 degrees. The Beaches are beautiful. the sand all nice and white. The Seafood is just begging you to eat a Shrimp or Crab Cocktail. Baseball Season is back and the Rays are playing in St. Pete. So if your tired of snow and cold come on down and enjoy the Tampa Bay Area.

The Government under attack by the Envelope.

     The President and a member of Congress have been sent Envelopes filled with a chemical. They have tested the chemical and it is Ricin. It is looking like all of sudden we get to deal with all the crazies. Look  I know things can look bad but this is nothing more than people who have a lot of time on their hands. Thanks to security doing their jobs nobody has gotten sick.

Never stop running.

     The Boston Marathon has said it will be back again next year. It will have a major security increase for sure, but it will be back. We cannot give in to terrorism. They cannot dictate what we can and cannot do with our lives. The spirit of the American Citizen is not one of giving up. All across this land we have marathons, parades, and other activities where we gather outside and we will continue to do so. God Bless all who call themselves an American.

Living With Cancer V

Living With Cancer V - Please follow this link to this article.

Surfer v Shark

     Surfer wins. Each year about this time two things occur off the beaches of Florida. Surfers will come to the beaches after a long winters break and begin to surf. Secondly, sharks migrate to the shores off Florida to mate. Now this makes for a bad combination. The surfers go out and enjoy the waves and the sharks see movement and get excited. Most of the time the sharks win and the surfers can pay with their life. This first attack of the season off the Eastern shores of North Florida went to the surfer. Young man was actually able to beat off the attacking shark. Receiving a nice gash on his leg and many stitches this brave soul vows to be out there soon looking for the big waves.

So Long Maggie

    The funeral for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was held today. The Iron Lady laid to rest. She was the first female Prime Minister for Great Britain. Mrs. Thatcher was a friend to these United States for many years. She worked with several of our Presidents and always had our back when others didn't want to follow our lead.
     She helped and hurt her countries economy. Many saw her as a problem in the growth of her country. In reality she actually helped. Mrs. Thatcher you will be missed. This country of mine thanks you for being a good friend.

Martin Richard

     This young eight year old boy had just hugged his father and told him how happy he was that he finished the Boston Marathon. The next moment he was dying. One of the bombs at the marathon tore through his young body.
      This was a happy child. He had finished a school project a while back and a poster board he made stated no more killing people. The people who made these bombs did not care about this little boy. As a matter of fact, they are probably glad this child died. These bombs were made to hurt. They were made that if they didn't kill you; they certainly were made to hurt you.
     Martin, there is not a person who has learned about you that has not fallen in love with you. In your death you have touched so many lives. Rest In Peace Young Man!   

"Sweet Caroline"

     Last night all across the country every sporting event held a moment of silence. The New York Yankees went one step more. They were playing the Boston Red Sox in New York. Boston always plays Sweet Caroline in the third inning. The Yankees returned the favor and played the song for Boston.
      Monday's bombing didn't just effect Boston, it effected our entire Country. There is no love loss between these two teams, but for one moment we all came together and sang "Sweet Caroline".     


      Monday was nothing more than horrific. The bombs used were nothing more than devices that were to hurt and maim. Shrapnel like the ones used on Monday aim to kill but also is to tear apart.
       As the bombs were going off pictures and videos were being taken of the tragedy. It showed people running for cover, people on the ground and it showed people going to others to help in any way they could.
       A person named Tyler Dodd came to the aid of a young lady. The young lady was named Victoria and they will meet again. He stayed by her side to comfort her. One picture showed a young man who had taken off his belt to use as a tourniquet. He would later help carry this person to safety. Many others would care for the wounded any way they could. There were many heroes on Monday. People who weren't worrying about their safety but were more worried about the fallen. Thank You Heroes of Boston.      

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


     There are times of distress such as yesterdays bombings when we see a spike in suicides. I hope this does not become the case as this will add to the bombers body count. I have endured several of my friends committing suicide. Each time it takes a little of me with it. My first encounter with suicide was when I was twelve and my neighbor across the street hung himself from a tree. We were on our way to go play baseball when myself and two friends found him. Pat had been busted at school for having marijuana in his locker. He was not able to tell his Mother and felt so much shame that he killed himself. He was my first suicide. I have known many others but my last was my best friend Jerry. Jerry was going through a very nasty divorce. He had been in trouble with the law concerning drugs. Both events were coming to a head and Jerry wasn't able to face the truth of his situation he saw no hope and he killed himself. The worst part of this suicide was he had given me a warning of things to come. I didn't see the clues and I lost a dear friend.
     I hope if you have a family or friend who is depressed or lost in their life that you listen to them. Don't let this person take their life not only does it kill them but it kills a bit of us also.


     President Obama states that those who carried out yesterdays bombings in Boston will be held accountable when captured. I personally feel accountable should mean immediate execution after convicted. These people do not deserve an appeals process. They carried out an act of war against these United States. Mr. President it is time to take care of these and all terrorists. They have in their own way decided that we the people of the United States deserve to be punished. Strict action is needed and closure for all of us in this incident is required Mr. President. We want their heads.  

Patriots Day

     Yesterday in Boston not only did they have the marathon ,but Patriots Day was also being observed. A day honoring the first battles of The American Revolution. I am an American, always will be. Honoring these brave souls should continue. Yes, it will now be tarnished with the bombing of Boston, but we must all come together as Americans and always honor those who fought for our Freedom.

Gun Control

     I come from a Family who once owned a gun parts business in Tampa, Florida. After the shootings  this past summer and fall I have come to the conclusion that we as a nation need to come up with a national background check. If that is not possible , we need to at least have state background checks at any time you buy a legal gun. The idea of going to gun shows and buying guns over the table are a thing of the past. I come from this background. my Father would make it, some years, to at least fifteen shows. People and our environment have changed and some people just don't need to own a gun. There are too many crazies walking around  out there who want to make a name for themselves because they are nobodies and  want to be a somebody at any cost. I know this could put us going against the constitution, but we do have ways of adding amendments to the constitution. It's time for a change, and it needs to come quickly. No arguments in Congress just get the job done.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer For Boston

     Heavenly Father, Our hearts are breaking over the news we received from Boston today. Runners from around the world gathered today to run in the Boston Marathon. At the end of the race runners were welcomed with bombs. People who gathered to watched the race were torn to pieces. Lord I pray to you to care for those who are hurt. I pray you welcome into your heart those who passed. Father I'm angry, hurt, sad, and devastated. There are so many emotions surging through my mind and body. Lord I can only put this into your hands and ask you to care for us. My heart is aching for Boston.

Boston Marathon

     Once again we are attacked by suspects unknown. Once again our streets are littered with body parts. Once again we cry for the dead and wounded. The Boston Marathon was attacked with three bombs. So far 2 people dead, 27 injured. This has to stop.When we find out who did this to the runners there should be no court of appeals. It should be immediate death. If we find it was a country behind this then we should nuke them all. This has to stop. The United States needs to let the world  know enough is enough. I'm not going to write anything more to incite anyone into acting stupid. We already had that today. Pray! Pray for all those hurt.    

North Korea

     Today was the anniversary of the initial founding of this pain in the ass country. Once again, for the last two weeks, we have endured the threats. We have been told that a missile launch was coming. Once again it's all a hoax. This country of North Korea does not have the balls to follow through on anything it says. The leader is nothing but a man with a child's mind. This petty little country should get spanked. Maybe the United States should lob a few warheads onto its capital and maybe we won't have to tolerate the BS that we have endured over the years, and we can officially end this war.    

Jackie Robinson

     There's a movie just out about the famed baseball player Jackie Robinson. It's been over sixty years since Mr. Robinson started playing baseball with white folk. I would have loved to have met this man. The adversity, hate, prejudice, and anger this man had to endure just to play a game. I can't speak of the times. The only experience I had of the times was when I was in downtown Tampa and I went to the wrong water fountain. I went to the one my Father told me to go to but it was broken. I went to the one next to it and the water was good and cold. Next thing I know my father was spanking me. I went to the Negro water fountain. I was maybe 4 years old. I didn't care what color was supposed to drink there. I wanted water. I guess you could say the same thing for Mr. Robinson. He just wanted to play Baseball.
      We were wrong. America was wrong for the separation of Black and White. I have enjoyed the friendship of many Black people. Some would say they were family. I can't speak for the movie I won't go watch it. I remember the whipping and I remember the time. As a white person I'm sorry to all who suffered racism. Thank You Mr. Robinson, I never saw you play but I've seen what you started. Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and many more wouldn't have been playing if it weren't for all that Mr. Robinson accomplished. Thank You Sir.  

Living With Cancer IV

Living With Cancer IV - Follow this link to this article.      


     I never used to believe in Karma. The idea that what goes around comes around. In my twenties I simply would hurt you if you crossed me. Some actually had to be rushed to the hospital for the beatings I would give to people. I was a very angry person back then. As I got older, went to college and learned of the beliefs of the eastern religions, I learned of Karma and it sounded better than going out and hurting my hands. Karma can happen instantly or can take up to many years to come to a complete circle. As a person gets older they learn to have more patience and can wait for someone to get their just deserts. In the last couple of decades I have seen the results of Karma, and sometimes it's better than what I can do with my hands. I have seen people brought to their knees begging for forgiveness. Their humiliation is beautiful. Now I have also been on the receiving end of Karma. So it is the belief of what goes around comes around. So I would suggest treat people as you wish to be treated and you will not have to worry about Karma.

Internal Revenue Service

     Well once again April 15 is upon us and it's time to have our taxes done. Most of us have already handed them in and received our refund. Unfortunately, we also have spent that same refund. Anybody who is waiting for tonight's deadline is either rich or an idiot. Waiting to the last minute has always been the sign of idiocy. Just pay the man and get it over with. You cannot get away from the IRS, they will find you. So all the news agencies will be at the airport post offices watching all the cars hand in their taxes before the midnight deadline.  So HAPPY IRS DAY, and pay the man.   

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Living with Cancer III

Living with Cancer III - Please follow this link to find this article.

Tune In. Turn On. Drop out.

     We have all reached our breaking point. We drive on the roads and there are people who are driving around with guns and shooting people because they were cut off. People get stressed over the stupidest things these days. So what if you are a couple of minutes late to an appointment. Is that worth almost killing someone. So what if dinner is a couple of minutes late. Who cares if you miss five minutes of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek will still be there. He's 80 something and he is never going to die.
     When did we all lose our common sense. I know some of us never had any, but still. Whatever makes you run around with your head cut off its not worth the hassle. Look I'm not saying that we follow Dr. Leary and start dropping acid but we do have to learn to let things go.
     It's all good guys. have some faith in yourself and know that it is all going to be good. Hell we made it to 50. Let the kids handle all the crazy shit. Isn't that why you raised them. To be good people. To one day be Men and Woman who will be responsible citizens. It's time to let them run the place. It's time for us wiser individuals to go fishing. Catch the big Kahuna.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013


   Do the voted Individuals of these United States really have the American Citizen's best interests at heart. Honestly I believe they don't. Oh maybe when they are first voted into office,but every Politician changes his spots soon after. The lure of money, prestige, or simply it's that feeling of playing God that goes to their head.
    It has been shown that every great society since the beginning of time has fallen from within, and the United States will follow in their path. This budget battle going on between The President and the Congress is nothing more than two parties trying to one up each other. In the middle are the citizens of this great country. I wish I could say that this problem will go away but it won't. Until we the people can gather ourselves to say enough is enough. It is the American Citizen who must take control of the situation and force our elected officials to fix the problem

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

    The bills are paid. The groceries are gathered for the week. The School District and subbing are back on the list of things to do in the week ahead. The cleaning is done. All that's  left is to sit back and enjoy the rest of a Saturday afternoon. The Tampa Bay Rays are winning against the Boston Red Sox. I have some left over Spanish Bean Soup for dinner tonight. You know I could just sit back and think how I'm the luckiest person around. You know what would go good with this lazy Saturday afternoon, a nice nap. So on that note I bid you good day.

Living with Cancer II

Living with Cancer II - Please follow this link to read this article.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life with Cancer

     I will start posting blurbs in the near future of how as a young child I lived with a Mother who was battling  cancer from the time I was three till when I pronounced her dead at the age of  eighteen. For fifteen years my Mother lived being a mother, a wife, worked at Metropolitan Life Insurance, and a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society. I hope you will enjoy these excerpts from the book I will be writing over the next year.


    I thought as a child I knew what friendship entailed. Amazingly I was so wrong. It took reaching the age of 50 to truly learn what it means to be a true friend. It's doing things that you wouldn't normally do. It's listening to things that you wouldn't normally do. It shames me to admit that all these years I thought I was being a true friend to people and I really had no idea. Well growing older does give insight to areas that were blocked by the stupidity of youth. We can't make it in this life without friends.

Monday, April 8, 2013

North v South Korea

   Seriously Folks, North Korea and all its talk has got to be kidding. The Nuclear Power that the North is yelling about is so little that if the United States retaliated we could wipe out the whole Korean peninsula in just a few warheads. They might be able to handle the South or maybe Guam. This war should have been a long distant memory, but the United States seems to allow this no nothing country to get away with a lot of talk. It's time to finally put this country of North Korea out of its misery. Nuke Em. Nuke Em all.  

Margaret Thatcher

   I was in England in 1978 when she first became Prime Minister. There was so much doubt in the Country about whether she could take charge of the Country of Great Britain. They had Queens before but never a Prime Minister. This woman within a year had her doubters wondering where she had been all their lives. She took a Country in great debt and was able to turn the economy around in just a few years. She was a friend to this Country of ours and I for one will always be grateful to her. R.I.P.

Good Morning

Morning has broken this Monday morning. I go back to teaching this week. They are making me go to a three day training period. I have been working for the school district for the last twelve years but I guess I have forgotten  much these past six months. I am looking forward to seeing my children. I have watched these children grow up over the years and I have missed them. Well as I have said, morning has broken and there is much to do today.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gay Marriage

    As a younger man I would have been dead set against this idea. Amazingly though, as we get older, our views change and we become more tolerant to certain ideas. If your Local, State, and Federal Governments all feel that it would be good for the people, then who am I to disagree. However, if gay couples want to get married in the Church then yes I do have an opinion. I cannot agree with marriage in the Church. God created Man and Woman to be able to make children. Since most Churches believe in this conception of marriage I would have to lean towards the Churches view. It's just my opinion.      

Saturday, April 6, 2013


The cool sand beneath my feet. The cold water at my toes.The breath of fresh air the thin wind cooling my face. The water so open and wide inviting me in. The seaguls waiting on the shore for the sunbathers and swimmers to feed them, care for them, to love them. Young and old walking up and down the beach. The water at their reach but it's still to cold to go for a swim.

This is the beach. This is what draws you. The longing that we adore and the grace of its waves pounding at its shore. When God made the Heaven he thought of the beach.The suns warmth enveloping with its embrace. But it's still spring and the water too cold to take that swim. The people walking up and down. It's still the beach and it's still home - Heaven on earth.

The days come and the days go. The sands shift with the time.The water laps. The boats within sight. The fish in their deep. But it's still the beach. Heaven on earth.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Medical Marijuana

     The time has come for the State of Florida to legalize Medical Marijuana. I can't speak for the reason why a former classmate at Jesuit is speaking out for it but I'm in favor because of a personal reason. My Mother died of cancer and in the 15 years of her battle she had 2 radiation treatments, as well as, 2 chemo treatments. All four times she came home from these treatments she would throw up for days after. I firmly believe that if she would have had this herb at her disposal she would not have been violently ill with nausea. Medical Marijuana has been documented time after time in the relief of nausea. I also know that it helps because as a young man I smoked Marijuana as did many of the people I know. They know that what I'm saying is true. I feel we are all grown up now and that we can be honest with ourselves. What I'm saying is true. Look I'm not saying that we should put it into 7-11's for regular distribution. I'm saying that certain Doctors who specialize in certain Medical Areas, such as cancer, should be allowed to prescribe Marijuana for patients. If this should make it to the Ballot box. I want you to remember that at the age of 14 I was cleaning my Mothers puke off the walls, and her clothes, and the floors. Maybe this won't have to happen to any more children and they can remember the good times. I want you to remember a beautiful woman ravaged with cancer becoming violently ill due to her treatment. VOTE YES FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


   You know sometimes it amazes me how people can get so upset when someone dies. Every single day in our life thousands of people are dying all around us. No we don't know these people but we don't feel affected by it. If a Personality dies we get a little upset. If a friend dies we shed a tear and are usually back to normal within a couple of days. If a close relative dies we go hysterical and for many of us it affects us for the rest of our lives. I came to grips with Death some ten years ago. I learned to treat Death as a friend . That way when I die I won't be so afraid. Death is going to come for all of us. This we cannot change. So Death my old Friend, I no longer fear you. I embrace you as a close friend. I don't wish to see you for a long time, My Friend. When the time comes maybe we can sit down and remember all the good times of this life over a good Guinness. Then I will walk hand in hand to a land I have never seen but long for each and every day. In time My old Friend.         

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


   Well signed up for subbing again. I've been away from it for 6 months. I must say I've missed it. I have missed the kids. I haven't missed the BS that goes with it. The Kids do bring the child out of me and that is a good thing for we all have to let our hair down from time to time. Don't get me wrong there is a job to do and that is educating them so they can do well in the years to come. When you are not in the classroom though you can have fun with them in games or even just talking to them. Children love it when you give them attention. It makes them feel comfortable.  It will be good to get back to having somewhere to go. You definitely don't make a lot of money as a Sub. You do get much  more than just the money. You get Love.

Monday, April 1, 2013


   College is getting harder and harder to get into these days. They have raised the standards for getting in, as well as, costs an arm and a leg. I personally was a late bloomer. I was 30 years old when I first went to Hillsborough Community College. I was 33 when I went to Florida State University. HCC was somewhat easy to breeze through. Now at Florida State, I actually had to work to get my grades. Reading was my biggest chore as my 3 majors were History, Political Science, and International Affairs. My second chore would have to be all the Papers I had to write. Thirdly, I suppose were the tests. I really didn't have a social life when I was at FSU. I would do Happy Hours, but I wasn't the person who would go out all night partying. Saturdays were for Football, as FSU was a power house at the time. I loved FSU with its ivy covered walls. I used to love to walk across the quad when it was below freezing, all bundled up with smoke coming out of our noses and mouths. I finished up with 2 BA's from FSU and an AA from HCC. I'm glad I went to college later in life because if I had gone at 18 I wouldn't have graduated. Knowledge is Power and College is the way to get Knowledge.


   I've recently applied to return to the classroom and Teach. I had a feeling when I left in October that I would return at sometime in the future. I didn't think that it would be in a mere 5 months. I do miss the kids. I've watched a few thousand children go through the system over the last 12 years. Many have gone on to College. Some have become teenage mothers. Some have gone to prison. Some have passed away. Those are the ones I miss the most. They are the ones who never had a chance to grow up and experience life. I would love to be able to say that the children are the only reason I love being in the classroom, but I can't. I do enjoy Teaching. The act of shaping a young child's mind and hopefully getting them on the right track for life is fun. They are like clay and you get to shape them. You know for the most part we actually get the job done. Unfortunately, it's just not we the teacher who has our hands in it, but the Parents, Administrators, and their fellow Students. It is a job that when you get up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror you can walk away feeling pretty good about you, for you are making a difference in someones life other than your own.